Which Presidential Candidates Support Sound Military/Social Policies?

Written by Elaine Donnelly

It’s 11:00 PM – Do you know where your presidential candidate stands on women in land combat?  What about registering unsuspecting girls-next-door for Selective Service, without a vote of Congress?

And will the next president continue LGBT celebrations promoting transgenders in the military, while encouraging threats to religious liberty in the military?  The 2016 CMR Quadrennial Presidential Candidate Survey aims to find out where the candidates stand.

A fierce battle for votes is going on in Iowa, New Hampshire, and other early-voting states.  Leading presidential candidates have an opportunity to expand their support among military men and women, their families, and among civilians who are alarmed by the destructive consequences of social agendas and experiments that the Obama Administration has imposed on our military.

This is a replica of the 2016 Quadrennial Presidential Candidate Survey, that CMR sent to major presidential candidates on January 4. … Continue Reading

The Unravelling of Chris Christie

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Written by Greg Quinlan

I’m a member of the clergy and for the past eight years have lobbied the powerful in Trenton, covering the administrations of both Governors Jon Corzine and Chris Christie.  I did much of my work on behalf of the New Jersey Family Policy Council, associated with Tony Perkins‘ Family Research Council.  I am currently the President of the Center for Garden State Families.

Those of us who are engaged in the fight to secure the right to believe, speak, and practice the Christian faith in America were all heartened by the election of a Pro-Life Governor in 2009.  Not only did Chris Christie run as an open Pro-Lifer, but he adopted a position in support of natural marriage in the course of the campaign.  And when legislative Democrats attempted to pass same-sex marriage in the lame duck session, so they could have outgoing Governor Corzine sign it into law, Chris Christie rallied opposition and stopped it.  

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A Conservative Senator’s 5 Steps to Fix Congress

Written by Senator Mike Lee

After Republicans won a majority in the Senate and maintained their majority in the House in November 2014, I proposed that the two chambers take five modest steps to repair what had become a dysfunctional legislative branch.

This was part of my effort as the recently elected chairman of the Senate Steering Committee to put forward a vision and a plan that would guide the Republican majority toward unity and restore the public’s confidence in Congress.

To recap, the five steps that I proposed to fix Congress were:

  1. Restore trust between Congress and the American people by making the legislative process open and transparent.
  2. Reject crony capitalist policies that use government power to enrich elites at the expense of everyone else.
  3. Pass a budget that balances in ten years without gimmicks, doesn’t raise taxes, and repeals Obamacare.
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Red States Outnumber Blue for First Time in Gallup Tracking

Written by Jeffrey M. Jones

Gallup’s analysis of political party affiliation at the state level in 2015 finds that 20 states are solidly Republican or leaning Republican, compared with 14 solidly Democratic or leaning Democratic states. The remaining 16 are competitive. This is the first time in Gallup’s eight years of tracking partisanship by state that there have been more Republican than Democratic states. It also marks a dramatic shift from 2008, when Democratic strength nationally was its greatest in recent decades.

Political Composition of the 50 U.S. States

Importantly, even though Republicans claim a greater number of states, Democrats continue to hold an edge nationally in partisanship. In 2015 Gallup Daily tracking data, 43% of all U.S. adults identified as Democrats or leaned Democratic, compared with 40% identifying as Republican or leaning Republican. That is largely because many of the most populous states, including California, New York and Illinois, are Democratically aligned.… Continue Reading

Hillary Clinton Faces Legal and Political Obstacles in Presidential Bid

150310151113-nr-hillary-qa-email-2-large-169Written by Roger Aronoff

This is not how Hillary Clinton’s run for the White House was supposed to go: full of never-ending scandals, with a close primary competitor, and two FBI investigations. There is but one week to go before the Iowa caucuses, where the first votes in this year’s presidential race will finally be cast.

While Hillary Clinton is still the clear leader in national polls and likely to receive the nomination, the numbers are extremely close in Iowa between Hillary and the democratic socialist candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT). And in the first actual primary, the following week in New Hampshire, Mrs. Clinton is trailing in a CNN poll by almost 30 points. Yes, New Hampshire is right next to Sanders’ home state of Vermont, but Sanders’ potential victories in Iowa and New Hampshire could dramatically alter the dynamics of the race.… Continue Reading

Conservatives Hang On to Ideology Lead by a Thread

Written by Lydia Saad

Americans’ political ideology remained essentially stable in the past year, with conservatives retaining the barest of advantages over moderates in Americans’ self-identified political views, 37% vs. 35%. Liberals held firm at 24%.

Americans' Self-Identified Political Ideology -- 1992-2015

Conservatives have outnumbered moderates as well as liberals in the U.S. population each year since 2009, coinciding with Barack Obama’s presidency. Before that, spanning George W. Bush’s presidency, from 2001 to 2008, the two groups were about tied. Through most of Bill Clinton’s presidency, from 1993 to 2000, moderates had a slight edge.

The 2015 results are based on interviews with roughly 12,000 national adults conducted between January and December 2015 as part of Gallup’s monthly Gallup Poll Social Series surveys.

There was a one-point drop in the percentage of U.S. adults identifying as conservative between 2014 and 2015, from 38% to 37%.… Continue Reading

Census 2015 Shows Growing Cultural and Political Polarization

Written by Michael Barone

The Census Bureau has delivered its annual Christmas gift to demographic junkies: its estimates of the populations of the 50 states and the District of Columbia for mid-2015.

They show where the nation has been growing since the April 2010 Census headcount, a period that follows the end of the 2007–09 recession and includes three-fourths of the Obama presidency. They show what states Americans have been moving in and out of, and what states have attracted the most immigrants.

They’re worth looking at, because the cold precision of the numbers provides clues to the warm impulses of human hearts, where people choose to pursue dreams or escape nightmares.

During this five-year period the nation’s population increased from 308.8 million to 321.4 million, which sounds like a lot — we’re the third-most-populous nation in the world — but in fact is slightly lower in percentage terms than any such period since the 1930s.… Continue Reading

Five Reasons Why the Ted Cruz Surge is for Real

Ted Cruz

Written by Steve Deace

The Ted Cruz surge has officially arrived. Predictably, the same political class that previously didn’t give him any shot to win the nomination is now saying he’s “peaking too soon” or the “flavor of the month.”

Here are five reasons why they’re wrong (as they almost always are).

1. Contrary to conventional wisdom, Iowa does not “break late.”

Accounting for the upcoming holidays when most people tune out politics, there are about 40 days until Iowans vote in their first-in-the-nation caucuses. Cruz is now the leader in the Real Clear Politics polling average in Iowa. By that point in the 2008 cycle, eventual winner Mike Huckabee was beginning his surge and had vaulted to second in the RCP average. The previous two Iowa winners, George W. Bush in 2000 and Bob Dole in 1996, were the established frontrunners from the outset.… Continue Reading

President Barack Obama, Apologist for Islam

Written by Dr. Michael Brown

I do not believe that President Obama is a Muslim, but I have no doubt that he reveres Islam and that he is an apologist for Islam. Is there really any question about it?

I posted comments similar to this on social media December 5th in the aftermath of the San Bernardino massacre before reading that Sen. Ted Cruz had commented that, “We have a president right now, who at times operates as an apologist for radical Islamic terrorists.” It was also before I read Donald Trump’s comment that, “Our president doesn’t want to use the term, ‘Radical Islamic Terrorism.’ There is something wrong with him that we don’t know about.”

There are many who believe that Barack Hussein Obama is, in fact, a Muslim, but I seriously doubt it.… Continue Reading

What Will Rubio Do to Protect Traditional Believers Here at Home?


Written by Maggie Gallagher

Sen. Rubio has begun a concerted outreach to evangelicals meeting with pastors in a scene reported through David Brody, who is both widely read himself by evangelicals and the “interpreter” of evangelicals for a lot of political reporters.

Rubio is vowing never to change his beliefs on “traditional” marriage and on abortion. That is good. But the real question is: what will you do to protect the civil rights of traditional believers whom the left is redefining as racists? What will you do to make sure they/we can open businesses, keep government jobs, and run schools, ministries and charities consistent with our beliefs, not those of the Human Rights Campaign?

When progressive turn on the Indiana-style heat when you try to do anything real and substantive, what will matter is not what your personal beliefs are, but what you are willing to do.… Continue Reading

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