What Does the Illinois GOP Stand For?

As a former executive, author and concerned citizen of Illinois I’m really starting to wonder what the Illinois Republican Party stands for. Do we want to become another Democratic Party; what core principals do we have that will lead this state in future years?

The Daily Herald’s top of the fold front page on March 10, 2013 says “High-ranking GOPers give Brady reprieve.” Is this leadership?  Is this why the Illinois GOP is the laughing stock of America? Their is an old saying that if you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything.

The following letter will be appearing in many newspapers throughout the state of Illinois in the next month:

Illinois GOP Chairman, Pat Brady, earlier this year spoke out in support of genderless marriage. Chairman Brady should have been aware prior to stating his emotional opinion that his comments were in direct conflict with the Republican Party’s stated platform.

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Another Conservative Activist Speaks Out

Conservative Republicans from across the state are bewildered by the failure of the Illinois Republican State Central Committee (SCC) to remove Chairman Pat Brady from his position in the wake of his betrayal on the issue of marriage.  Pat Brady has not only misrepresented the GOP Platform — damaging the GOP brand, but he has partnered with Democrats to lobby for same-sex marriage legislation — an extreme Left social issue that will usher in bigger government and less freedom.  (Read more HERE.)

Conservative activists from across the state continue to speak out to the SCC.  Here is just another great example:

Dear Illinois GOP Central Committee:

I have been a registered Republican for over 40 years, leaving the Democratic Party in disgust because of its morally objectionable platform and liberal philosophies. 

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GOP Committeewoman Indignant that Brady Remains

The following letter was sent to Kane County Chairwoman BarbWojnicki in response to Pat Brady’s work to promote the Democratic agenda to redefine marriage:

Dear Mr. Chairman,

I continue my indignation at the inability of Illinois Republican leadership to remove Pat Brady from office. Brady’s persistence in claiming that he was only speaking as a citizen is ridiculous. The Chairman unilaterally and flagrantly disregarded a plank of the Platform which is democratically determined as the values and positions we will uphold and represent as Republicans. He dictated to the rest of the membership what we are to believe.

It is unconscionable that the leadership did not take swift action and has allowed this situation to metastasize. The already weak Illinois Republican Party is being fractured. Why hasn’t someone called for a state wide vote by the membership if the “leadership” of the State Central Committee is so squeamish about doing what the majority of Republicans stand for.

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Republicans Supporting Traditional, Biblical Marriage

We are thankful for the many Illinoisans who know what is true and good, who recognize the proper role of government, and who have the courage to stand for truth in the public square with grace and boldness.

Here is a copy of the letter one such Illinoisan sent to the Republican State Central Committee in regard to the Pat Brady debacle.

To all on the GOP State Central Committee:

I never thought I would have to write an email like this, so I’ll be blunt and short.  I am nothing short of shocked that our own Republican party has betrayed its stance on gay marriage.  I implore you to stand firm on this issue, and vote out of power anyone that stands on the other side of God’s incredibly clear direction to us on this issue. 

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Pat Brady, the GOP, and Homosexuality, Oh My

Written by Laurie Higgins

Following the epic failure of the State Central Committee to oust the traitorous Illinois Republican Party Chairman Pat Brady on Saturday, conservatives were once more subjected to whining about the “BIG TENT” from unprincipled or ignorant Republicans.

What we should be asking is, “What part of this ginormous circus tent is reserved for those who believe that the legalization of “same-sex marriage” will harm children, families, religious liberty, speech rights, public education, and the fiscal health of the nation?”

I guess we get to sit behind the Big Top, waiting to muck out the cultural excrement that our rainbow-hued elephants who are shoving us out the door leave behind.

GOP Chair Reince Priebus said this in a May 2012 press release:

“While President Obama has played politics on this issue, the Republican Party…[has] been clear.

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Illinois GOP Central Committee Cancels Meeting

Written by , ChampionNews.net

Late Friday night, the GOP Central Committee canceled their meeting to oust Pat Brady. In an email from 10th Congressional District Committeeman Mark Shaw, the reason provided was the lack of response from Chairman Pat Brady on whether he would attend the meeting in person or by phone.

From: Mark Shaw
Sent: Friday, March 08, 2013 10:17 PM
To: Illinois Republican State Central Committee
Subject: Rescheduling of March 9, 2013 State Central Committee Meeting

Dear GOP Leaders:

The March 9, 2013 State Central Committee Meeting is being rescheduled because the State Chairman has not responded to our request that he be present in person or by telephone for the meeting. Details about the new date, time and location of this meeting will be sent out to all of you once they are finalized.

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Rep. Ron Sandack Flip-Flops on Marriage Redefinition

Written by IllinoisReview.com

State Rep Ron Sandack (R-Downers Grove) just joined the Republican House caucus a few weeks ago after serving a term in the Illinois Senate, and already he’s breaking from the IL GOP party platform and the GOP House caucus. Sandack is telling district voters he’s changed his mind and now supports legalizing same sex marriage.

Before the election, Sandack answered Illinois Family Institute’s questionnaire saying he opposed (“O” below) civil unions and supported (“S” below) a constitutional amendment to define marriage as between one man and one woman. From page 13 of IFI’s 2012 questionnaire report:

Screen Shot 2013-02-28 at 11.07.54 PM

Earlier this week, Sandack hinted he was changing his mind when he posted on his Facebook page a recent column written by former Governor and former Republican Jon Huntsman, stating that gay marriage lines up with true conservative values.

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