President Obama, More Religious Apostate than Religious Pioneer

Written by Dr. Michael Brown

According to CNN writer John Blake, President Barack Obama is “a religious pioneer” who, in the opinion of some scholars and pastors, is “also expanding the definition of who can be a Christian by challenging the religious right’s domination of the national stage.”

To be candid, and with due respect to the office of the president, Obama should be viewed as a religious apostate more than a religious pioneer. He has shown an extraordinary disregard for society’s most innocent and vulnerable members (babies in the womb), he has misused the Bible to defend the radical redefinition of marriage, and he has trashed religious freedoms with his health care mandates to the point that groups as disparate as Hobby Lobby and Catholic hospitals are suing the government.… Continue Reading

Obama the Fudger-in-Chief

Written by Laurie Higgins

Last night President Barack Obama, always the fudger-in-chief, played fast and loose with the phrase “act of terror.”  This was just a continuation of the deliberate word game he started playing in the Rose Garden the day after the Benghazi attack.

He’s playing on two different but similar sounding phrases. Professor David Norte has written about the distinction between “acts of terror” and “acts of terrorism.” President Obama, likely knowing that the Benghazi attack was an act of “terrorism” but not wanting the public to know that, because it would undermine his carefully crafted image as a fearless foe of Islamic extremists who effectively cedes—I mean leads—from behind.

The Aurora, Colorado theater shooting was an act of terror; the attack on Benghazi was an act of terrorism.… Continue Reading

In Their Own Words: A Comparison of Party Platforms

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Get Involved - Let Others Know!

Did the President Cross a Bridge To Far?

Written by Micah Clark

Here is a remarkable story that would have been unimaginable in 2008.   A group of African-American faith leaders has formed an organization called God Said, which plans on raising $1 million dollars in an effort to drive 25% of black voters away from President Barack Obama’s re-election.   The reason for this effort is due to the President’s support of same-sex marriage. The group, with 22 advisory board members, plans radio and television ads in Ohio, Virginia, North Carolina, Wisconsin and Florida.

“The black community is among the most religious in America, and we are offended that President Obama has announced his support of same-sex marriage, that the NAACP has blindly supported the secular views of the Democratic Party, and that their national platform plainly supports same-sex marriage,” Apostle Claver Kamau-Imani, a God Said founder said in a statement published by The Daily Caller.… Continue Reading

Eating Our Own?

Recently, someone accused Illinois Family Action of “eating our own” for criticizing the positions of a Republican candidate for the Illinois State Senate. Here are the thoughts of one IFA reader, attorney Mark Rouleau, to the notion that conservatives ought not criticize any Republicans running for office:

The description of criticism of Republicans as “eating our own” is the product of a reprobate mind and a seared conscience. Such a charge reflects a kind of tribalism. Yeah, rah, rah for our team and our guys because they wear our colors (a la gang style). It doesn’t matter if they are upholding godly positions.

Personally, I will vote for pro-life Democrats or third party candidates who believe in traditional marriage and limited government over a Republican who doesn’t believe in those things, even if that means that they will cost Republicans on other votes.

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Obama-Romney Debate

Written by Laurie Higgins

I have two quick comments on President Barack Obama’s embarrassing and insubstantial debate performance, both relating to Jim Lehrer’s question about ending partisan gridlock in Washington:

1.) Obama oddly responded to a question about ending gridlock by pointing out the importance of sometimes saying “no.” To illustrate his revolutionary gridlock-ending idea, he gave examples of his saying “no” to Republicans and then said Romney’s problem is that he doesn’t say “no” to members of his own party.

Just to make perfectly clear: Obama asserts that ending gridlock will involve Democrats saying “no” to Republicans and Republicans saying “no” to Republicans. The post-partisan president is right. That will definitely end gridlock.

2. ) Another peculiar statement from Obama on ending gridlock:

“Look, my philosophy has been, I will take ideas from anybody, Democrat or Republican, as long as they’re advancing the cause of making middle class families stronger and giving ladders of opportunity to the middle class.

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More Basic Questions for Republican State Senate Candidate Friedman

Written by John Biver

The liberal wing of the Republican Party in Illinois never hesitates to attack or abandon conservatives (think Jack Ryan). That doesn’t stop them from demanding unity and loyalty from conservatives for one of their own. And should a conservative policy organization inquire about the non-personal POLICY positions of a liberal Republican, the Illinois GOP social policy lefties shriek like stuck pigs.

This past week Illinois Family Action told the truth about GOP state senate candidate Arie Friedman’s Barack Obama-like pro-abortion stance (see articles herehere and here). In predictable fashion, liberal Republicans had a fit. “Circular firing squad,” they cry! In other words, platform-supporting Republicans are not allowed to point out the truth.

Yes, Friedman is running in a wacky part of the state—the part of far northeastern Illinois where there is no greater sacrament than preserving the ability of rich women to kill their unborn children.… Continue Reading

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