Laurie Higgins and the SPLC’s “Hate” on WGN Radio

Written by David E. Smith, IFA Executive Director

Monday morning, WGN radio host Mike McConnell interviewed IFI’s Laurie Higgins about the fallacious “hate” designations given to conservative Christian groups like IFI, Family Research Council (FRC) & American Family Association (AFA) by the extreme leftist Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC).

Laurie did a fantastic job, clearly articulating the hypocrisy,  inconsistency and destructiveness of their “hate” label.

Kudos to the host, Mike McConnell, who provide Laurie the time to discuss important issues surrounding these dubious “hate” groups listings.  If you were not able to listen to it, you can listen to an MP3 recording of the segment HERE.

If you are interested in learning more about the SPLC, please take time to read this comprehensive indictment from the Social Contract Journal, which dedicated its spring 2010 issue to exposing the SPLC.… Continue Reading

Media Bias

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Christians, Silence is Not an Option

Written by Matt Barber

With the exception of one column previously penned, I pray this becomes my most widely read to date.

The secular left has mastered use of the Internet to further its extremist goals. In fact, President Obama’s web-based “Organizing for America” propaganda machine may have given him the 2008 election.

Let’s beat them at their own game.

To that end, I have a strange request. I’m asking each God-fearing, freedom-loving American who reads this column to forward it, post it, tweet it, print it out and give it to every pastor, priest or cleric you know. If you don’t know any, give it to someone who does.

Why? I agree with Barack Obama that November 2012 represents the most important election of our lifetimes – perhaps our history.

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Says it all…

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Annoy A Liberal: Take a Boy Scout to Chick-fil-A

Written by Matt Barber

Forget about Bert and Ernie. I always thought Kermit the Frog was a little “light in the flippers,” if you know what I mean. Miss Piggy? Probably just cover (wink wink, nudge nudge, say no more). And how about that perennial bachelor, Fozzie Bear? Wocka Wocka, indeed.

Or not.

I don’t know.

Still, a recent move by The Jim Henson Company makes you wonder. In a distinctly knee-jerk, anti-family development, the Muppet mogul has severed promotional ties with Chick-fil-A – the booming fast-food chain and American Cinderella story. The multi-billion dollar company has stirred the ire of left-wing extremists in recent days.

Their crime? Failure to obey the nauseating, mind-numbing dictates of political correctness.

Dan Cathy – a devout Christian and CEO of the biblically based eatery – recently made a few innocuous public comments in support of legitimate marriage – sentiments the vast majority of morals-minded Americans happen to agree with.

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Fantastic Chick-Fil-A Video

Fantastic video by our good friend Pastor John Kirkwood!

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