“CIVIL UNIONS” is bad public policy

Same-Sex Civil Union IS Same-Sex “Marriage”! —  Don’t be fooled!

Section 10 of the bill that passed the Illinois General Assembly states that any partner in a civil union shall be legally considered a “spouse” and “family.”  It isn’t just conjecture to say that the proponents of this radical legislation are attempting to redefine the very meaning of marriage and family.

Moreover, the “civil unions” bill says:

“This Act shall be liberally construed and applied to promote its underlying purpose, which is to provide both eligible same-sex and opposite-sex couples the opportunity to obtain the same protection, benefits, and responsibilities afforded by the laws of Illinois to parties to a marriage.”

A “civil union” is same-sex “marriage” under a different name.

The State’s #1 Interest in Marriage – Children
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“Civil Unions” (SB 1716) Passes in the House — How did they vote?

Sixty-one state lawmakers in the Illinois House cave into pressure from Gov. Patrick Quinn and Speaker Michael Madigan.

Despite an outpouring of calls, emails and faxes against redefining marriage and family, legislators in the Illinois House passed SB 1716 on Nov. 30th by a vote of 61 to 52.

Only two pro-family lawmakers, Rep. Ron Stephens (R-Highland) and Rep. David Reis (R-Olney)–both from downstate–had the courage to challenge this anti-family legislation on the House floor during debate while nine pro-homosexual lawmakers (2 Republicans and 7 Democrats) made emotional manipulative appeals for the bill’s passage.

To see how your state representative voted, download the roll call by clicking HERE.

Thirty-two state senators vote to pass same-sex “civil unions” legislation.

Homosexual activists mustered enough votes to legalize a new category of marriage–homosexual “marriage” — under the name “civil unions” early in the afternoon on December 1st.  … Continue Reading

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