Illinois Family Institute’s Voter Guide

Today is Election Day, and it is imperative that voters have information available to help them make educated decisions as they cast their votes for the different candidates running for public office.

To download the IFI Voter Guide, you will need Adobe Acrobat and will need to know in which legislative districts you live.  (Look up your legislative districts HERE or call IFA at 708-781-9371.)  District numbers will be found after his/her name.

The full version of the IFI 2010 Primary Election Voter Guide is available for download HERE.

Click HERE
for the full version.

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A Personal Note from Dave Smith Regarding Cook County Races

Dear Pro-Family Neighbors in Cook County,

Election Day is Tuesday, November 2, 2010. This is your opportunity to vote on whether Washington and Springfield are heading in the right direction.

I would like to make some recommendations to you for your consideration on November 2nd:

Federal Offices:

—    U.S. Congress: Ray Wardingly (1st CD) and Isaac Hayes (2nd CD)

—    U.S. Senate: Mike Labno (He is 100 percent pro-life with no exception.  He is opposed to the homosexual agenda, but has indicated he’d vote to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act. As a Libertarian, he doesn’t believe the government should have anything to do with marriage.)

State Offices:

—    Illinois Governor: Bill Brady — and — Illinois Lieutenant Governor: Jason Plummer

—    Attorney General: Steve Kim

—    State Senate:  Brian Doherty (10th)

—    State Representative:  Dr.Continue Reading

Election Watch: Endorsement Lists for

You can make a difference in the November 2nd election by voting for candidates who share your values!

Cut through the political spin by using the IFI Voter Guide to get straightforward information, and then use the Illinois Family Action Election Watch supplemental to learn even more.

Want to know what groups have endorse which candidates? Then you will want to check out these resources:

  • State Rep. Endorsement Lists

  • State Senate Endorsement Lists

  • Statewide Endorsement Lists

  • Congressional Endorsement Lists

  • U.S. Senate Endorsement Lists
  • Together, we can make a difference in electing men and women who share our values and who will make policy based on those values when elected. Please share these resources with your friends and family and don’t forget to vote on Tuesday November 2 — or earlier as Early Voting is taking place now from Oct.… Continue Reading

    IFA Guide to Judicial Candidates

    We know how difficult it is to cast your votes for judges. Chances are you have not even heard of these candidates for the bench. There is just not enough information to help voters cast an intelligent vote.

    Illinois Family Action has complied some important information on judges to help you carry out your duty as a citizen. We are happy to provide the following 2010 Election Watch for Judicial candidates.

    Please click HERE for a downloadable version of this guide to judicial candidates. (Learn more about the Illinois Judicial branch at

    Please take special note of the various groups that have rated these judges — some are decidedly anti-family and pro-abortion.

    Every vote will count in this tight election — and every legislative, executive and judicial position matters.… Continue Reading

    IFA Recommended Candidates

    The following candidates came very close to receiving IFA’s full endorsement but did not receive that endorsement because of one or two policy positions and/or votes.  Instead, IFA would like to recommend these candidates for your prayerful consideration:

    State Senate Candidates by District:

    10     Brian G. Doherty

    28     John Millner

    34     Dave Syverson

    43     Cedra Crenshaw

    49     William “Sam: McCann

    55     Dale Righter

    58     David Luechtefeld

    State House Candidates by District:

    35     Dr. Barbara Bellar

    37     Jeffrey L. Junkas

    47     Patricia R. Bellock

    48     Michael G. Connelly

    59     Dan Sugrue

    64     Michael Tryon

    74     Donald Moffitt

    75     Sue Rezin

    85     Maripat Oliver

    94     Rich Meyers

    96     Darlene Senger

    101   Adam Brown

    106   Keith P. Sommer

    107   John Cavaletto

    108   David B. Reis

    110   Chapin Rose

    115   Mike Bost

    U.S. Senate:

    Mike Labno

    U.S.Continue Reading

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    IFA Endorsed Candidates

    Before you vote, make sure you know where the candidates stand. Illinois Family Action-endorsed candidates support a pro-life, pro-marriage and pro-family policies.

    We urge you to support these pro-family candidates for public service in Illinois.

    Illinois Family Action

    Endorsed Candidates

    2010 General Election

    Illinois State Constitutional Officers

    Governor: Bill Brady

    Lt. Governor: Jason Plummer

    Attorney General:  Steve Kim

    State Senate Candidates by District

    22     Steve Rauschenberger

    25     Chris Lauzen

    40     Adam Baumgartner

    51     Kyle McCarter

    State House Candidates by District

    19    David J. Anderson

    36     Richard Grabowski

    44     Billie D. Roth

    54     Tom Morrison

    59     Dan Surgru

    63     John O’Neill

    67     Robert E. Borkish, Jr.

    69     Joe Sosnowski

    71     Richard Morthland

    87     Bill Mitchell

    95     Mike Fortner

    112   Dwight D. Kay

    U.S. Congressional Candidates by District

    1       Ray Wardingly

    14     Randy Hultgren

    2       Isaac Hayes

    15     Tim Johnson

    6       Peter Roskam

    16     Don Manzullo

    8       Joe Walsh

    17     Bobby  Schilling

    19     John Shimkus

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