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School Choice for Chicago Elementary Schools

by Laurie Higgins, Illinois Family Institute

Rev. Senator James Meeks (D-Chicago) sponsored and passed the bi-partisan school vouchers legislation (SB 2494) that now waits passage in the Illinois House. This bill would enable 22,000 Chicago elementary students who attend the city’s 49 worst performing schools to attend private schools. IFI applauds Senator Meeks and all the Illinois senators who had the courage and wisdom to advocate for disadvantaged children through this bill. This is an excellent first step.

All parents have the right and should have the means to determine the kind of education their children receive. A statewide voucher system would provide parents an increased measure of choice and control over the education their children receive, and it would provide the means for parents to seek better academic preparation for their children.… Continue Reading

GOP Candidate Isaac Hayes on Fox News Sunday

Democrat Jesse Jackson, Jr. has been keeping a low profile since his name surfaced in the fight over filling President Barack Obama’s senate seat. Rev. Isaac Hayes is challenging U.S. Rep. Jackson for Illinois’ 2nd Congressional, which includes the south side of Chicago and its southern suburbs.

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