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More on Gubernatorial Candidate Bruce Rauner

Written by Laurie Higgins

Following my piece on Pat Brady yesterday in which I mentioned gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner, we received email inquiries about his anti-life, anti-marriage views:

  1. In early June, The Chicago Tribune reported that Rauner “supports abortion rights early in pregnancy.” Please note that Rauner didn’t clarify what constitutes “early,” or why babies who have reached mid-gestation deserve protection whereas less developed babies do not. Killing babies 11 weeks after conception is no less evil than killing them at 16, but it would be interesting to know when Rauner believes mothers have the “right” to order the killing of their babies and what his justifications are for that belief.
  2. Chicago Tribune columnist John Kass squeezed a terse and peculiar anti-marriage statement out of a resistant Rauner in April:

Bruce Rauner, the multimillionaire Republican businessman who wants to become governor of Illinois, sat down with me for an interview Thursday and dodged questions about same-sex marriage.

It took about four tries to pin him down on where he stands, and finally, it came to this: He’s not for it. He’s not against it.

“If, for example, the Legislature passes gay marriage, I’m not going to fight to reverse it,” he said. …

“Gay marriage, it’s an important issue,” Rauner said….

You have no personal feeling about gay marriage?

“I really don’t,” Rauner said.

Just to clarify Rauner’s evasive language: If the legislature passes a bill, it goes to the governor’s desk. If he opposes it, he vetoes it. If he doesn’t “fight to reverse it,” it becomes law.

It’s remarkable that Rauner claims to believe that “gay marriage” is “an important issue” and yet “really” doesn’t have any personal feelings about it. Truthfully, I’m not particularly interested in Rauner’s feelings about “gay marriage.” I’m very interested, however, in his beliefs and his reasons for his beliefs about the legal recognition of same-sex unions as “marriage.”

There is too much at stake for children, families, marriage, and religious liberty in Illinois to elect someone who demonstrates such intellectual and moral shallowness and such a lack of forthrightness.

Pat Brady and the Illinois GOP

Written by David E. Smith and Laurie Higgins

This Saturday, the Republican State Central Committee (RSCC) will meet in Chicago for a regular meeting.

A few months ago, it was revealed that Pat Brady, Chairman of the Illinois Republican Party, was lobbying Republican state lawmakers in favor of same-sex “marriage.”  By doing this, Pat Brady betrayed conservative family values and the Republican Platform that states:

Our laws should strongly support and celebrate the loving commitment a man and a woman make to each other in marriage. Our laws should strongly support and celebrate a loving, married couple bringing new life into the world and rearing their children in a secure and nurturing environment from conception to adulthood. No law should undermine the importance of that union, divide that union nor unduly burden the efforts of parents to rear a family in a safe and nurturing environment.  (Section V of the 2012 Platform of the Illinois Republican Party.)

Pat Brady violated the trust of Republican voters by actively promoting same-sex marriage, which is diametrically opposed to Republican core principles. When Brady’s betrayal was exposed, he added insult to injury by trying to claim that he was not acting in his professional role as leader of the Illinois GOP.

Now that Brady has embraced the radical political mission to redefine marriage, why should we believe that he will not abandon the Republican platform on the right to life?

The task of the Republican Party is to strengthen the party by recommitting with conviction, courage, and passion to truth, which we cannot do with leaders like Pat Brady.

Leaders like Brady continually promote the falsehood that the “social issues”—a term increasingly used to disparage and dismiss those who believe marriage and protection of the unborn are of greater importance than the tax rate—are trivial.

The immoderate “moderate” wing of the Republican Party does not seek a bigger tent. They seek a smaller, rainbow-colored tent that will become complicit with the destruction of the single most important social institution: marriage.

And they don’t seek to silence true conservatives because these immoderates have deep, substantive philosophical commitments to genderless marriage. Leaders like Brady seek to undermine both the Republican Party and marriage for personal power and political expediency.  A man of conscience and wisdom would be ashamed. Brady’s neither.

The RSCC must remove and replace Pat Brady as soon as possible.

Take ACTION: Contact the following key members of the RSCC to encourage them to remove Pat Brady as GOP Chairman this Saturday:

District Name Cell Work Email
5 Angelo Skip Saviano 708-453-7598 708-453-7547
7 Carol Smith Donovan 312-643-0730 708-771-2345
12 Deb Detmers 618-910-2994
13 Roger C. Claar 630-212-2200 630-226-8412
16 Dave Syverson 815-985-7135 815-987-7555
17 Judy Dudek 309-224-8379 309-647-1544
18 Michael S. Bigger 309-695-6338 309-695-6266

Mark Kirk Supports Same-Sex Faux Marriage

Written by Laurie Higgins

In case you didn’t hear the “BIG NEWS,” U.S. Senator Mark Kirk (R-Illinois), serial prevaricator, has finally come out of the closet on marriage. He has announced his support for the elimination of sexual complementarity from the legal definition of marriage. I’m shocked.

In a maudlin and self-referential statement Kirk explained, “When I climbed the Capitol steps in January, I promised myself that I would return to the Senate with an open mind and greater respect for others….Same-sex couples should have the right to civil marriage. Our time on this earth is limited, I know that better than most. Life comes down to who you love and who loves you back — government has no place in the middle.”

When polygamists and polyamorists come knocking on marriage’s door, we should all remember Kirk’s wise words that “government has no place” getting between people who love each other.  And we certainly wouldn’t want to disrespect them.

Mark Kirk’s public shift in position, like Barack Obama’s, does not constitute positive change.

Nor did they even change. For years they have simply lied to move up the political ranks, exploiting the naïve and gullible among us, and in Kirk’s case, feeding at the Republican trough.

Any Republican who condescendingly proclaims that the “social issues” are irrelevant or insignificant or so unimportant as to be unworthy of his time or her attention deserves a slap upside the head and a boot out the door.

If “social issues” (a euphemism for political cowards who can’t bring themselves to say “same-sex ‘marriage,’”) are so trivial, so unimportant, so unworthy of public discourse—particularly as compared to the almighty fiscal issues—then why are “progressives” feverishly and unceasingly promoting policies, laws, and lawsuits related to homosexuality?

And what would a truce on the social issues even look like? Since sexuality regressives on both the Left and Right pertinaciously push policies and laws that embody subversive views of homosexuality and gender-confusion, what are immoderate Republicans and Libertarians suggesting the GOP do? What would their dismissive call for a truce actually look like?

Are they suggesting Republicans not vote on issues like same-sex “marriage,” comprehensive sex ed, the repeal of DOMA, repeal of DADT, ENDA, “hate crimes” legislation,” compulsory placement of children with homosexuals, compulsory inclusion of homosexuals as Boy Scout leaders, compulsory inclusion of positive portrayals of homosexuals and “transgenders” in school curricula, and “transgender” policies in schools and elsewhere?

Are they suggesting they vote but not discuss publicly the reasons for their votes?

Are they suggesting Republicans remain ignorant on the substantive reasons to stand firmly for truth, children, marriage, and family but vote anyway?

Please, Republican Pooh-Bahs, do tell us what you really want conservatives to do because it sounds like you’re telling us where to go—permanently.

Meanwhile, into the silence that immoderate Republicans—including our spine-free, conviction-free, deep-pocketed Republicans—have created through ad hominem attacks on conservatives, comes the increasingly vociferous support for all things homosexual.

Kirk and U.S. Senator Rob Portman (R-OH) and Illinois Republican Chairman Pat Brady can hide behind the utterly false rhetoric of equality and compassion and thus conceal from America and perhaps themselves their complicity in the destruction of this once great nation.

And what will this mean for America? Diminished religious liberty, diminished speech rights, diminished parental rights, increasing numbers of children denied their inherent right to know and be raised by their biological mother and father, and the ultimate destruction of marriage.

By the way, Senator Kirk, whatever happened to the truce?

Another Conservative Activist Speaks Out

Conservative Republicans from across the state are bewildered by the failure of the Illinois Republican State Central Committee (SCC) to remove Chairman Pat Brady from his position in the wake of his betrayal on the issue of marriage.  Pat Brady has not only misrepresented the GOP Platform — damaging the GOP brand, but he has partnered with Democrats to lobby for same-sex marriage legislation — an extreme Left social issue that will usher in bigger government and less freedom.  (Read more HERE.)

Conservative activists from across the state continue to speak out to the SCC.  Here is just another great example:

Dear Illinois GOP Central Committee:

I have been a registered Republican for over 40 years, leaving the Democratic Party in disgust because of its morally objectionable platform and liberal philosophies.  I refuse to compromise the Illinois GOP platform defending the traditional “one man/one woman” marriage definition because GOP Committee Chairman Pat Brady feels that the fickle winds of time force us to do so.  SINCE WHEN?

Has Mr. Brady any idea of how the grass roots Republican feels on this controversial subject?  I doubt it.  Does he care?  I doubt it!

Does he realize that the push for “gay marriage” is really about putting the legal stamp of approval on homosexuality and hammering its acceptance on (otherwise unwilling) citizens and our social, political and commercial institutions?  I doubt it.  We have only to go back to the outrageous passage of the civil unions law to understand how bully tactics work on an unwilling populace.  No sooner did the law pass, when the radical homosexuals saw to the closing down of the 90 year old adoption services by Catholic Charities.  Does Pat Brady really care?  I doubt it.

I would ask those of you who are not aware of what same-sex “marriage” has done to Massachusetts – only one of the nine states who now allow this cultural aberration – to read the following report:  HERE.

DO NOT BE FOOLED! Same-sex marriage IS NOT A “BENIGN ECCENTRICITY” which DOES NOT affect the average person!  Same sex marriage affects the Schooling of our Public School Children, Public Health policies, Hospital policies, Domestic Violence statistics, Business and Employment guidelines, the Legal profession and Judicial systems, Adoption and Birth Certificates, Government Mandates,  the Harassment of Churches and other religious institutions, the Media, Politics and the Rule of Law.

Mr. Brady DOES NOT REPRESENT ME or the Republican Party – nor the majority of Illinois voters of both parties – who would stand strong to defend the traditional institution of marriage.  I would urge you to ask for Brady’s resignation, or face the wholesale exodus of Republican voters who still expect the GOP Party Platform to be upheld.


Arlene Sawicki – Conservative Catholic Community Activist

Pat Brady, the GOP, and Homosexuality, Oh My

Written by Laurie Higgins

Following the epic failure of the State Central Committee to oust the traitorous Illinois Republican Party Chairman Pat Brady on Saturday, conservatives were once more subjected to whining about the “BIG TENT” from unprincipled or ignorant Republicans.

What we should be asking is, “What part of this ginormous circus tent is reserved for those who believe that the legalization of “same-sex marriage” will harm children, families, religious liberty, speech rights, public education, and the fiscal health of the nation?”

I guess we get to sit behind the Big Top, waiting to muck out the cultural excrement that our rainbow-hued elephants who are shoving us out the door leave behind.

GOP Chair Reince Priebus said this in a May 2012 press release:

“While President Obama has played politics on this issue, the Republican Party…[has] been clear. We support maintaining marriage between one man and one woman and would oppose any attempts to change that.”

His statement stands in stark contrast to this feckless statement from Illinois Comptroller Judy Baar Topinka, Protector-of- Pat:

“He’s on the right side of history, for God’s sake…For me, it’s being a total conservative that you’re really pushing family values. Gay marriage is a very conservative thing. Family is (one of) the building blocks of a community.”

What she fails to understand is that not all forms of family are marriages and that simply because two (or more) people have managed to acquire children to raise does not mean their relationship constitutes a marriage. Calling the union of two men or two women a marriage is the antithesis of conservative and the epitome of foolishness.

Brady and his ideological compeers fret that our potentially Republican-inclined youth will flee to the dark side unless we abandon natural marriage. Do they really believe that droves of fiscal and defense hawks will move to the Democratic Party if the Republic Party stands firmly in defense of natural marriage and the rights of children?

What our not-so-esteemed leaders are actually saying is that whether the government continues to recognize that marriage is a sexually complementary institution has no bearing on the public good, whereas an increase in the tax rate will have a calamitous effect on the public good.

Pat Brady is not leading. He’s following. And who is he following? He’s following Hollywood, “progressive” academics, the mainstream press and homosexual agitators—oh, and teenagers.

If Brady understood what marriage is, how fundamental it is to the health of society, and why the government is involved, and if he were a courageous leader, we wouldn’t be in this divisive mess.

And if he were a wise and courageous leader, he would recognize why our youth are becoming more supportive of the legalization of “same-sex marriage.” It’s not because their collective consciousness has been raised. It’s because it’s been clouded by the miasma of propaganda in which they live and move. They’ve been indoctrinated from cradle through college by unchallenged Leftist dogma and Hollywood demagoguery. Their public schools engage in de facto censorship of conservative ideas and texts, while exposing them at every non-intellectual turn to homosexuality-affirming resources. And then our public school dogmatists have the audacity to proclaim they “value diversity,” “honor all voices,” and foster “critical thinking.” Pinocchio ain’t got nothin’ on our public school prevaricators.

Our Republican leaders look at our youth and say “Gee, golly, whiz, our youth support same-sex marriage, so we better support it.” Well, Cowardly, Capitulating, Leaders, here’s an alternative idea: Teach our children better.

But if the big tent is what Illinois Republicans want, let’s really expand it. Let’s welcome defense doves, income redistributionists, anti-Second Amendment enthusiasts, anti-school choice advocates, and pro-feticide proponents into our diverse tent. It’ll be huge and gaseous.

The Brady-ites in the Republican Party berate social conservatives, badgering us into calling a truce on the social issues. But what do they really mean? They can’t really be calling for a truce because a truce requires a cessation of activity on both sides, and the Left is relentless.

No, what the Brady-ites among us are demanding is surrender. They’re not expanding the tent. They’re shrinking it.

If Brady and his ilk don’t understand the preeminent place true marriage has in society—yes, over and above even taxes—they’re fools and don’t deserve their positions of power.

Below is the contact information for the GOP State Central Committee.  You may want to contact them and let them know your feelings.

Cong. District Name Cell Work Email
1 Steven Daglas 708-943-1913 708-955-2933
2 Judy A. Diekelman 708-877-6565 708-243-5019
3 Angel Garcia 312-375-0979
4 Vacant
5 Angelo Skip Saviano 708-453-7598 708-453-7547
6 Chris Kachiroubas 630-832-0778 630-333-2795
7 Carol Smith Donovan 312-643-0730 708-771-2345
8 Eugene R. Dawson 847-381-8817
9 John Dorgan 847-698-0630
10 Mark Shaw 847-609-3482
11 Barbara J. Peterson 708-651-6823 708-946-6822
12 Deb Detmers 618-910-2994
13 Roger C. Claar 630-212-2200 630-226-8412
14 Jim Oberweis 630-466-4886 630-801-6072
15 Jerry Clarke 217-649-7805
16 Dave Syverson 815-985-7135 815-987-7555
17 Judy Dudek 309-224-8379 309-647-1544
18 Michael S. Bigger 309-695-6338 309-695-6266
19 Bob Winchester 618-285-3636

Illinois GOP Central Committee Cancels Meeting

Written by ,

Late Friday night, the GOP Central Committee canceled their meeting to oust Pat Brady. In an email from 10th Congressional District Committeeman Mark Shaw, the reason provided was the lack of response from Chairman Pat Brady on whether he would attend the meeting in person or by phone.

From: Mark Shaw
Sent: Friday, March 08, 2013 10:17 PM
To: Illinois Republican State Central Committee
Subject: Rescheduling of March 9, 2013 State Central Committee Meeting

Dear GOP Leaders:

The March 9, 2013 State Central Committee Meeting is being rescheduled because the State Chairman has not responded to our request that he be present in person or by telephone for the meeting. Details about the new date, time and location of this meeting will be sent out to all of you once they are finalized. We are sorry for the late notice but we wanted to give the Chairman every opportunity to respond to our request that he be present in person or by telephone at this meeting.


Chris Kachiroubas (C.D. 6)
Eugene Dawson (C.D. 8)
Mark Shaw (C.D. 10)
Barbara Peterson (C.D. 11)
Jerry Clarke (C.D. 15)
Bob Winchester (C.D. 19)

Once again, GOP leadership has failed the rank and file Republicans. It has shown itself to be a bunch of spineless unprincipled politicians who care more about their own power and influence than about doing what is right for the party.

Besides the Central Committee, the following GOP leadership have come out in support of Pat Brady:

  • U.S. Sen. Mark Kirk
  • former Gov. Jim Edgar
  • former Gov. Jim Thompson
  • State Comptroller Judy Baar Topinka
  • State House Minority Leader Tom Cross
  • State Senate Minority Leader Christine Radogno

Pat Brady himself is blaming Michael Madigan.

And while saying he has no direct proof, Brady believes Madigan or his minions are pressuring Dorgan to cast an anti-Brady vote as revenge for the “Fire Madigan” campaign Brady devised last year. That campaign included setting up a website last fall that sold an array of goods emblazoned with the “Fire Madigan” logo, including dog t-shirts.

“The math adds up,” Brady said of the possible Madigan link. “This is not an original thought by me. This is what a lot of people suspect is going on.

“No one has ever publicly taken him on,” Brady said of Madigan.

If you look at the evidence, this statement by Brady is ludicrous. Brady was in charge of the party that couldn’t help Bill Brady win the Governor race in 2010 during a decidedly Republican year. In 2012, Pat Brady led the downfall of the Republican Party to both a super minority in both the State House and Senate. With this dismal track record, Madigan would be helping Brady remain GOP Chairman for life, not trying to get rid of him.

There is one notable example of stalwart Republican Leadership on the Central Committee. That member is State Senator Jim Oberweis. He has stood on principle in spite of opposition. He has pointed out the failed leadership of Pat Brady. When calling the Central Committee members, you may want to thank State Senator Oberweis for being a leader among the rest of the Gumbies in the GOP.

Oberweis said Brady’s involvement in Republican primaries last fall, including the Kane County board chairman race, was problematic, but his gay-marriage stance taken without consulting the state GOP organization was “the final straw.”

“When you start publicly lobbying against a plank in our state and national party platforms, without even discussing with or advising the board of directors, I think he’s gone too far,” Oberweis told the Chicago Sun-Times.

Below is the contact information for the GOP Central Committee.  Please contact them and let them know your feelings.

Cong. District Name Cell Work Email
1 Steven Daglas 708-943-1913 708-955-2933
2 Judy A. Diekelman 708-877-6565 708-243-5019
3 Angel Garcia 312-375-0979
4 Vacant
5 Angelo Skip Saviano 708-453-7598 708-453-7547
6 Chris Kachiroubas 630-832-0778 630-333-2795
7 Carol Smith Donovan 312-643-0730 708-771-2345
8 Eugene R. Dawson 847-381-8817
9 John Dorgan 847-698-0630
10 Mark Shaw 847-609-3482
11 Barbara J. Peterson 708-651-6823 708-946-6822
12 Deb Detmers 618-910-2994
13 Roger C. Claar 630-212-2200 630-226-8412
14 Jim Oberweis 630-466-4886 630-801-6072
15 Jerry Clarke 217-649-7805
16 Dave Syverson 815-985-7135 815-987-7555
17 Judy Dudek 309-224-8379 309-647-1544
18 Michael S. Bigger 309-695-6338 309-695-6266
19 Bob Winchester 618-285-3636

Pat Brady Digs In — Will County GOP Calls For His Resignation

Written by David E. Smith, IFA Executive Director

This past weekend, Pat Brady, Chairman of the Illinois Republican party, was interviewed on Fox 32 about his political activity to help Illinois Democrats pass radical Leftist legislation to redefine marriage and family.  This conflicts not only with the Illinois Republican Platform and the National Republican Platform but also with the views of the majority of voters in the state –specifically members of Brady’s own party.  (Watch the video HERE.)

Political Reporter Mike Flannery begins by attempting to confuse the issue by suggesting in his first question that the private political activity of Brady can be seen as outside his very public and official position of GOP chairman.  Not only is this absurd, it is intellectually dishonest to try to bifurcate the political activity of the two.

This truth becomes clear in Brady’s answer in which he is unable to separate his “personal opinion” from his official role, saying that Illinois’ current Defense of Marriage Law is “not what the Republican Party stands for.”

But Brady’s most outrageous and hypocritical comments came as he attempted to advance a narrative that blames social conservatives for all the problems the party and the state face.

“But I do believe that part of the reason that we are losing here in Illinois is our message is getting muddled by these social issues.  And the issues that we can win upon, the fiscal issues, I mean can you see a bigger mess in the country than Governor Quinn has made of the state of Illinois and the Democrats over the last twelve years?  And these social issues tend to muddle our good message that people agree with us on.  They scare suburban women.  They scare minorities.  And young people look at us like we are out of the stone age.”

I have a number of responses to offer:

  • If Pat Brady really believes that the social issues are muddling the GOP’s so-called “good message that people agree with us on,” why in the world has he decided to roll up his sleeves and get involved promoting a social issue, let alone join the side that runs contrary to the very platform he is supposed to represent?
  • Obviously, Pat Brady has succumbed to liberal propaganda that wrongly asserts that marriage is a civil right. It is not.  Read more HERE.
  • Brady wrongly claims that the social issues scare minorities.  Every time a state marriage amendment has been placed on a ballot, there has been strong support for traditional marriage from the black and Latino communities.  And in our work to oppose marriage redefinition legislation here in Illinois, some of the most vocal and animated opposition is coming from black and Latino religious leaders.  Brady is out-of-touch with reality and woefully uniformed.
  • Brady suggests that the “good message” of the GOP is getting muddled by social issues.  I have been politically active in Illinois for more than fifteen years now.  Never have I seen the Illinois GOP promote social issues.  Pat Brady and his recent predecessors have gone out of their way to avoid talking about the social issues. So, how is Brady’s “good message” getting muddled by something they have refused to talk about?  The sad truth is that while the Democrats have boldly pushed critical social issues related to homosexuality to the forefront of the political landscape, RINOs like Brady have said nothing.  As Democrats stand ready and eager to effectively destroy marriage, Brady scolds Republicans both for engaging in the social issues and for not joining extreme Democrats in this leap toward cultural suicide.
  • Later in the segment, Brady points to the Republican Party’s “AAA Team” as examples of upcoming young minority stars within the party, including:  U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (Florida), Governor Susana Martinez (New Mexico), and Governor Nikki Haley (South Carolina).  Ironically, each one of these minority GOP stars is unabashedly pro-marriage.  And you can add to this list:  Governor Bobby Jindal (Louisiana), U.S. Senator Tim Scott (South Carolina), U.S. Representative Michele Bachmann (Minnesota), and U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (Texas).

And in related news, Will County Republican Chairman Edward Ronkowski reports:

At our well attended Second Congressional District Republican candidate debate on January 17, 2013, without any discussion on the issue of retaining Illinois Republican Chairman Patrick Brady, we offered all attending the opportunity to cast a secret written ballot asking “Should Illinois Republican Chairman Pat Brady resign?” After the debate, two Republican State Central Committeemen and two Republican County Chairmen counted the ballots with poll-watchers in attendance.  The vote was 58 for Pat Brady to resign, 4 for him to stay, and two ballots submitted that were not voted.” [Emphasis added.]

Please take a moment to contact your member of the Republican State Central Committee (the governing board of the Party) to ask them to demand the resignation of Pat Brady.

Steven Daglas (District 1) —

Judy Diekelman (District 2) —

Angel Garcia (District 3) —

VACANT (District 4)

Skip Saviano (District 5) —

Chris Kachiroubas (District 6) —

Carol Donovan (District 7) —

Eugene Dawson (District 8 ) —

Jack Dorgan (District 9) —

Mark Shaw (District 10) — (847) 244-4696

Barbara Peterson (District 11) —

Deb Detmers (District 12) —

Roger Claar (District 13) —

Jim Oberweis (District 14) —

Jerry Clarke (District 15) —

Dave Syverson (District 16) —

Judy Dudek (District 17) –

Mike Bigger (District 18) – m.bigger@m​

Bob Winchester (District 19) —

Grundy County GOP Calls for Pat Brady to Step Down

Written by David E. Smith

Last night (1-09-2013), the Grundy County Republican Central Committee passed a resolution calling for the resignation of Illinois GOP Chairman Pat Brady to step down.  Here is the motion that passed:

Be it resolved that the Grundy County Republican Party Central Committee immediately send correspondence to the Illinois Republican State Central Committee calling for the resignation of Patrick Brady as the State Chairman of the Illinois Republican Party and for his replacement by someone who supports the 2012 Platform of the Illinois Republican Party, including its position supporting traditional marriage and the traditional family.

This resolution is in response to the news that Brady was “personally” endorsing the redefinition of marriage and family.  During the lame duck session, Brady was reportedly lobbying fellow Republicans in the Illinois State Senate in favor of this anti-family policy.  According to an article in the Chicago Sun-Times, Brady said that this radical Leftist policy “…strengthens families and reinforces a key Republican value – that the law should treat all citizens equally.”

This simply demonstrates how woefully uninformed Brady is on how fundamentally important marriage and family are to society.  Not only does redefining marriage damage the institution (as demonstrated by Stanley Kurtz in this scholarly article in the Weekly Standard), but it is intellectually dishonest to suggest that standing for traditional marriage is discriminatory — as the Illinois Republican Platform equivocally does.

Every American citizen — regardless of sexual preferences — is free to pursue relationships with any consenting adult of their choice.  No one is stopping them.  Yes, those who identify as homosexual have the freedom to make lifetime commitments to whomever they wish. They also have the right to marry someone of the opposite sex if they choose.   Liberal activists, however, do NOT  have the right to redefine the institution of marriage for everyone else.  Nor do they have the right to compel the belief that homosexual relationships are equal to the marriage relationship.  THEY ARE NOT EQUAL.

Brady faces growing calls for his resignation, at a time when some Illinois Republicans are rethinking the party’s dismal performance in leadership and in election cycles over the past decade.  The time is right, the cause is just.

For the record, Illinois Family Action called for Brady’s resignation last week.  State Representative David Reis (R-Olney), a pro-family leader from southern Illinois, also issued a press release last week calling for Brady’s resignation, according to an article on Illinois Review.  The Illinois Center Right Coalition also recently passed a resolution calling on the Illinois Republican Party’s chairman Pat Brady to resign.  And 2012 Platform Committee members David E. Smith, Karen Hayes and John Parrott have also called for Brady to step down.

Feel free to call the Illinois GOP at (217) 525-0011 to demand that this Benedict Arnold be thrown out…

IL GOP Chair Pat Brady Promotes Same-Sex Marriage

Written by Laurie Higgins

There are many things wrong with Illinois politics, but today our attention should turn to the feckless and destructive antics of the chair of the Illinois Republican Party: Pat Brady. On this the first working day of the New Year, the purported standard-bearer for conservatism in Illinois is busy calling Illinois Republican lawmakers, urging them to vote to destroy marriage. Yes, you heard that right. IL GOP Chair Pat Brady is trying to convince Republican state lawmakers that marriage has no intrinsic connection to gender, sexual complementarity, or procreative potential.

Does anyone think his efforts resulted from deep study of the public purposes of marriage or the implications of eliminating the central defining feature of marriage? Does anyone think he has seriously studied the work of Princeton Law professor, Robert George on what marriage is? Or like me, do you think Brady’s frenetic efforts to pervert marriage reflect a Macbethian desire for power and position.

As Brady works to undermine marriage, the family, and, by the way, the Republican Party platform, he demonstrates the kind of intellectual and moral vacuity that Illinoisans have come to expect from their politicians.

Brady argues that this is an “equality issue.” Say what? Those Illinoisans who choose to place their same-sex attraction at the center of their identity are perfectly free to participate in the sexually complementary public institution of marriage.  They choose not to participate in it.

Homosexuals are not being treated unequally, and they are not requesting equality. They are demanding the special privilege of unilaterally jettisoning the central defining feature of marriage: sexual complementarity.

According to Brady, equality demands that citizens be allowed to jettison criteria that establish what type of relationship constitutes marriage (which necessarily establish what types of relationships do not constitute marriage). Therefore, I guess equality demands that polyamorists be allowed to jettison the criterion regarding numbers of partners. Surely Brady doesn’t want polyamorists to be treated unequally.

And what about the two brothers who want to marry. Surely, Brady doesn’t want incestuous couples to be treated unequally. With same-sex incestuous unions, society need not worry about the increased risk of birth defects in children born to sibling unions because homosexuals are naturally and by design sterile. In addition, as the Beatles and homosexuals have told us ad nauseum, “all you need is love.” Freedom loving “progressives” in with whom Brady has thrown his lot, have judgmentally asked of anyone who makes moral claims with which they disagree, “Who are you to judge?” Surely Brady wouldn’t presume to judge the love between two brothers.

Brady has said that his efforts to pursue “equality” have nothing to do with his role as IL GOP leader. Rather, Brady claims (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) that he is merely expressing his personal views. Riiight. Brady spends the first working day of the New Year and the first working day of the lame duck session expressing his “personal views” about same-sex marriage to lawmakers outside of his personal legislative district.

And demonstrating astonishing arrogance, Brady told Illinois Review that the “’true conservative position is in favor” of same-sex marriage.”

No, Mr. Brady, Illinoisans are not that stupid.

Pat Brady has got to go.

Read more:

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