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Laws Control Everything in Life?


Written by Michael Medved

A teenaged YouTube star asked the president a question that stumped him.

“I never really followed politics that much” said Bethany Mota. “Why should the younger generation be interested in politics, and why should it matter to them?”

After brief stammers and stalls, Obama offered this: “The reason we even have colleges is that at some point there were politicians who said, ‘y’know what? We should start colleges.’” Never mind that it was religious leaders who started the most prestigious colleges in America—Yale, Harvard and Princeton—not politicians. The president then offered an even more alarming sentiment: “And so there’s no decision in our lives, basically, that isn’t touched in some way by the laws that we have.”

No decision … really? Every moment regulated by government?… Continue Reading

Not Doubling Down; A Whole New Deck


Written by Michael Medved

Unfortunately, too many conservatives give the president credit he doesn’t deserve regarding his State of the Union agenda.

U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), U.S. House leaders Steve Scalise (R-LA) and Jeb Hensarling (R-TX), have all suggested that Barack Obama has “doubled down” on his agenda. The blackjack definition for “doubling down” is to “hold your existing cards while doubling your existing bet with only one more card.”

But in his State of the Union, Obama requested virtually all new cards, raising issues he and his party never mentioned in the recent campaign:

  • A tax hike of $320 billion?
  • A big new entitlement of free community college for those with C averages?

These are brand new initiatives, not part of the debate in 2014. Even his much-discussed executive amnesty for immigrants remained under wraps until after voting, so Americans in key Senatorial races couldn’t express disapproval.… Continue Reading

They Are NOT Liberals


Written by James Lewis

Today’s self-proclaimed “liberals” would have no truck with the real John F. Kennedy, or LBJ, or Harry S. Truman, or Daniel Patrick Moynihan, or other patriotic liberals. If the phrase “patriotic liberal” has an odd clang today, you know exactly what I mean.

Barack Obama, for whatever talents he may possess, is not an American patriot. Try saying “The patriotic Obamas” and then try not to cringe. JFK was an unblushing patriot, Truman was, and in his grotesque way, so was LBJ. They were Cold War liberals, who defined their political position by kicking out the  totalitarian Left (Stalin Branch) from the Democratic Party, after the Soviets stole the atom bomb, took over half of Europe, and generally acted like ravening monsters in a cage.… Continue Reading

Early Presidential Prospects


Written by Thomas Sowell

The more optimistic among us may hope that the Republicans will nominate somebody who stands for something, rather than the bland leading the bland — the kind of candidates the Republican establishment seems to prefer, even if the voters don’t.

With 2015 just getting under way, the buzz of political activity makes it seem almost as if we are already in the midst of the 2016 presidential campaign.

Among the Democrats, Hillary Clinton is honing her message to appeal to the mindset of the left wing of her party, whose support she will need in her second attempt to get the nomination as the Democrats’ presidential candidate in 2016.

The left wing’s true believers would of course prefer U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren, who gives them the dogmas of the left pure and straight, uncontaminated by reality.… Continue Reading

Obama’s Disconnected, Out of Touch, In Denial State of the Union

Barack Obama

Written by Byron York

Perhaps the most striking thing about the 2015 State of the Union address was not the president at the podium but the audience in the seats. The joint session of Congress listening to President Obama Tuesday night included 83 fewer Democrats than the group that heard Obama’s first address in 2009 — 69 fewer Democrats in the U.S. House and 14 fewer in the U.S. Senate. The scene in the U.S. House Chamber was a graphic reminder of the terrible toll the Obama years have taken on Capitol Hill Democrats.

Not that the president would ever acknowledge that. Indeed, in more than an hour of speaking, Obama never once acknowledged that there was a big election in November and that the leadership of the U.S. Senate has changed.… Continue Reading

Obama Knows Better Than Business Owners… Just Ask Him


Written by Michael F. Haverluck

The Obama administration has declared that it’s wiser than business owners when it comes to running their own companies.

After President Barack Obama’s recent announcement of his policy that would force small business owners to pay a mandatory sick leave to their employees, many in the private sector have been up in arms. Owners of private companies raised many concerns with the problematic mandate, which many believe oversteps the government’s reach.

Addressing the backlash claiming that Obama’s new policy hurts business owners’ bottom line, White House press secretary Josh Earnest — in so many words — says the president’s take on the additional paid leave is superior to that of small business owners’.

“I think the president would have a different view, which is to say that this is good business and I think there are any number of examples I can cite for you where businesses have chosen to put in place these policies and it’s served to reduce the turnover associated with their employees, but also increase their employees’ productivity,” Earnest insisted in support of Obama’s decision to press for his new policy.… Continue Reading

LGBTQ Lauds Jeb Bush’s Stand for SSM Ruling


Written by Michael G. Haverluck

Former Florida governor and prospective 2016 Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush might have moved himself further away from the conservative voters he’s been trying to woo by inserting himself in the middle of Florida’s recent courtroom chaos, urging Floridians to “respect the rule of the law” recently changed by a pro-“gay” activist judge to legalize same-sex “marriage.”

The ruling on same-sex marriage by Florida District Court Judge Robert Lewis Hinkle was interpreted this month by state officials as allowing the union that was formerly banned by Florida’s traditional marriage amendment, which protected marriage as only between one man and one woman.

When talking about Bush’s latest statement that many are calling a concession to the homosexual agenda, Peter LaBarbera, president of Americans for Truth about Homosexuality (AFTAH), alludes to President Barack Obama’s “evolution” of thinking when it comes to same-sex marriage.… Continue Reading

Government Giveaways


Written by David E. Smith

President Barack Obama recently announced a proposal to make two years of community college “free” for all “responsible students.”  According to various news reports, this government program would cost $60 billion.  It is hard to believe that the Republican controlled Congress would approve adding a new costly federal program when many of them are looking to make significant budget cuts.

It is hard to understand why the dominant media refuses to expose political lies of “free” government programs. “Free” is just slick marketing term to help hide tax and spend addictions.

For voters, these types of proposals reveal how politicians view taxpayers as just unlimited sources of revenue for their agenda. The truth is, far too many public officials continue to expand the size and spending of government but are woefully inconsiderate (and ignorant) about the tax burdens they continually pile on working families.… Continue Reading

The Obama Economic Record is Even Worse than You Realize


Written by Chad Stafko

Six years ago this month, America cast its lot toward a young, first-term U.S. Senator from Illinois to lead the greatest nation in the world.  His mesmerizing words and bold promises drew folks in by the millions.

However, unless you’re a bleeding heart liberal, you realize the social experiment of electing an unqualified, former professional antagonizer has been an economic disaster.

The quantitative evidence, and it abundant, is overwhelming and ever-growing.

Remember the fanfare of January 2009.  Members of the media were fawning all over themselves at what they were witnessing, the first black President of the United States.

Change was coming.  All families, not just the rich, would rise in wealth, but especially those with the lowest of incomes.  African-Americans would see their lot improve, as would other minority groups.

Continue Reading

A Political Party in Name Only


Written by John Biver

If you’re to the right politically, aghast at what the Obama Administration is doing, and frustrated with the gross ineffectiveness of elected and non-elected Republicans who haven’t been using the power at their disposal, you’re a member of a growing club.

Like a lot of clubs, though, this one is, as of yet, still mostly consisting of complainers and protesters instead of people involved in constructive political action. Sure, there are many conservatives volunteering time and donating money to elect better people. The problem is, they constitute only a fraction of what will be required if we’re to save the country.

A friend of mine says that boiled down to its essence, a political party consists of a message and messengers. Too often the Grand Old Party has had neither.… Continue Reading

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