Will a GOP Candidate Emerge to Confront Radical Islam?


Written by Chad Groening

A former U.S. Justice Department attorney says he’s hopeful that a Republican presidential candidate will emerge who shows the moral clarity to confront evil and not appease radical Islamists.

The Obama administration has drawn criticism from Republican lawmakers over the president’s decision to release five more Guantanamo detainees. Four of the five Yemeni terrorists headed for Oman, Yemen’s neighbor, fueling speculation that they will soon be back in the terrorist business.

The administration is taking heat not only for the Gitmo transfers, but for its refusal to publicly call out radical Islam as the common thread in terrorist attacks.

“They don’t have the moral clarity. They don’t have an understanding of the sweep of how evil must be confronted,” attorney J. Christian Adams, who now serves as legal editor for PJ Media, says of Democratic leaders who are eyeing 2016.… Continue Reading

‘The Preservation of the United States…Must Come from the Republican Party’


Written by John Biver

A few days ago, two political philosophy professors whose work I studied in college, died on the same day. Both lived long lives, Walter Berns was 95, and Harry Jaffa was 96.

Here is Peter Augustine Lawler writing at National Review (emphasis is mine):

Berns and Jaffa, two legendary teachers and scholars, died last Saturday within hours of each other. What tied them together is they were both students of Leo Strauss, and all of their writing was fundamentally indebted to “disruptive innovations” that Strauss introduced into our understanding of thought and politics.…

The first generation of “Straussians” were mostly scholars who aimed to be public intellectuals writing in the service of both their country and the future of liberty. The political context was first of all the Cold War and later the promiscuous deconstruction of free thought, responsible citizenship, and the relational foundation of virtue by various currents of the Sixties.

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Obama Too Busy for France

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Obama: Federal Gov Will Increase Budget (and Debt) by 7% Next Year


Written by Rick Moran

President Obama wants to toss the sequestration agreement he made with Republcians in 2011 and is proposing an increase of at least $68 billion in the FY 2016 budget.

As imperfect as it is, sequestration has been partly successful in reigning in government spending. It could have worked better if Congress wasn’t always carving out exemptions. But there’s no doubt that there are tens of billions of dollars that would have been spent without it.

With tax receipts at an all time high, rather than applying that money to reducing the deficit, the president – as every Democratic president before him – will take the increased revenue and find something to spend it on.


The new spending would mean as much as $34 billion each for the national security and domestic sides of what will be a budget of almost $4 trillion.

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The Dictionary Proves It: Government Means Control


Written by Michael Medved

As the presidential campaign begins to come into focus in the early days of 2015 it should become increasingly obvious that the race will turn on fundamental disagreement about the very nature of government. Democrats believe that government exists in order to help people; since many segments of the populace can always use more help, progressives assume they can always benefit from more government.

Conservatives, on the other hand, tend to see government as a necessary but dangerous force in modern life that must be strictly limited, since government is designed to control people more than to help them. While some control is certainly necessary to maintain public order and prevent individuals from damaging one another, a more aggressive, controlling center of power inevitably means a reduction in liberty and responsibility for the citizenry.… Continue Reading

LGBTQ Lauds Jeb Bush’s Stand for SSM Ruling


Written by Michael G. Haverluck

Former Florida governor and prospective 2016 Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush might have moved himself further away from the conservative voters he’s been trying to woo by inserting himself in the middle of Florida’s recent courtroom chaos, urging Floridians to “respect the rule of the law” recently changed by a pro-“gay” activist judge to legalize same-sex “marriage.”

The ruling on same-sex marriage by Florida District Court Judge Robert Lewis Hinkle was interpreted this month by state officials as allowing the union that was formerly banned by Florida’s traditional marriage amendment, which protected marriage as only between one man and one woman.

When talking about Bush’s latest statement that many are calling a concession to the homosexual agenda, Peter LaBarbera, president of Americans for Truth about Homosexuality (AFTAH), alludes to President Barack Obama’s “evolution” of thinking when it comes to same-sex marriage.… Continue Reading

Government Giveaways


Written by David E. Smith

President Barack Obama recently announced a proposal to make two years of community college “free” for all “responsible students.”  According to various news reports, this government program would cost $60 billion.  It is hard to believe that the Republican controlled Congress would approve adding a new costly federal program when many of them are looking to make significant budget cuts.

It is hard to understand why the dominant media refuses to expose political lies of “free” government programs. “Free” is just slick marketing term to help hide tax and spend addictions.

For voters, these types of proposals reveal how politicians view taxpayers as just unlimited sources of revenue for their agenda. The truth is, far too many public officials continue to expand the size and spending of government but are woefully inconsiderate (and ignorant) about the tax burdens they continually pile on working families.… Continue Reading

Bill Maher Blasts Liberals’ for PC Reactions to Paris Massacre


Written by Michael F. Haverluck

With the dozen Muslim killings fresh on the news, the self-proclaimed liberal addressed the massacre to the audience for what he believes it truly was: a jihadist attack by merciless Islamic terrorists on infidels for dishonoring their religion’s founder and prophet.

“It’s not a presume [sic] — no, no it’s Muslim terrorists,” Maher told Kimmel and his studio audience on ABC. “This happens way too frequently. It’s like … Groundhog Day, except the groundhog kept getting his head cut off.”

As a political commentator, TV host, writer, producer, actor and stand-up comedian, Maher showed his appreciation and admiration for the four French journalists boldly doing their jobs despite previous Muslim attacks on satirists. “Let’s also give some credit to this newspaper,” Maher pleaded with the crowd.… Continue Reading

Conservatives in Illinois Favor Ted Cruz for 2016

Our friends over at the IllinoisReview.com are reporting on a “Land of Reagan” poll that was taken in November and December of 2014, asking the question: “Among potential 2016 Republican presidential candidates, who is your first choice at this time?”

They found that Ted Cruz was the heavy favorite.  Here are the complete resutles:

PollContinue Reading

Full Speed Ahead


Written by Deroy Murdock

The new Republican Congress should move full speed ahead to repeal and replace Obamacare. It would be unwise to wait for the Supreme Court to perform this service for the American people.

With GOP command of Capitol Hill starting tomorrow, Republicans should use their hard-won mandate to obliterate Obama’s medical Godzilla. A record 58 percent of registered voters want to junk Obamacare, according to a December 10 Fox News survey. As well they should. Among other recently revealed shortcomings — according to the Kaiser Family Foundation’s Employer Health Benefits, 2014 Annual Survey (“Employee Cost Sharing” chapter) — the average deductible for individual plans has climbed from $826 in 2009 to $1,217 in 2014. This is an average annual increase of approximately 8.1 percent on Obama’s watch.… Continue Reading

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