Upending the New Immoral Order


Many of the newly empowered Republicans understand the deeper meaning behind last week’s historic election. It was a wholesale rejection not only of Barack Obama, but also of the worldview he represents.

By Robert Knight

Tuesday’s Republican wave election was not just about the economy, repealing ObamaCare, illegal immigration, failed foreign policy or the nation’s nearly $18 trillion debt.

It was about all of that, but it was really about electing adults to escort America safely off Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride.

This is where multiple-choice exit polls fail to do justice. ObamaCare’s unpopularity was huge, but how do you quantify public disgust with a ruling party’s lawlessness and arrogance, combined with lawless judges and a media that refuses to do honest reporting? You count the votes.

“Right track” and “wrong track” surveys do not quite do the job.… Continue Reading

Republicans Win Senate With the Help of Training by Fox, CNN Types

Joni Ernst

Written by Don Irvine

After blowing back-to-back opportunities in 2010 and 2012 to retake control of the Senate—thanks to numerous gaffes by inexperienced candidates—Republicans decided that the 2014 group of candidates would get mandatory media training under the direction of the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC).

According to Politico’s Edward-Isaac Dovere, Manu Raju and John Bresnahan, the NRSC had trackers meet the candidates at the airports as soon as they emerged from security, and whisked them away to begin the media boot camp.

During two days of eight-hour sessions, the candidates practiced in front of a camera and were drilled on policy. They were also shown footage of two of the biggest bumblers from 2012—Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock—as examples of what not to do.

The pros who were there to help the candidates included Jon Kraushar, who handles much of the on-camera training for Fox News, Mitt Romney’s policy director Lanhee Chen and CNN’s S.E.Continue Reading

Election Information for Judges


The 2014 General Election is this Tuesday and voters in Illinois will head to the polls to elect a Governor, U.S. Senator and numerous other legislative offices. One section, however, that is often overlooked are judicial candidates. With recent onslaught of pervasive rulings that have come from the various judicial rulings, it is painfully clear that cannot overlook this portion of the ballot.

Though it would be an enormous endeavor to seek out information on every judicial election throughout the state, Illinois Family Action is recommending several resources to help voters make informed decisions.

The Illinois Citizens for Life score card has made endorsements for numerous courts throughout the state and can be found HERE.

For voters from Cook County, the Chicago Lesbian and Gay Bar Association have made endorsements for judicial elections where one can vote in the opposite way based on their recommendations, CLICK HERE to view.… Continue Reading

In Their Own Words: A Comparison of Party Platforms

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