Beware the Status Quo


Written by Michale Medved

President Barack Obama’s proclamation of executive amnesty for illegal immigrants amounts to an outrageous power-grab and sets a dangerous trap for the GOP. Republicans can’t come across as stubborn defenders of the dysfunctional status quo: even if they rolled back every detail of the new White House initiative, our broken immigration system would still need sweeping reform.

Republicans should seize the initiative by passing their own reform bill, rather than fighting unpopular battles on the president’s terms. Conservative reformers have long called for a balanced approach on immigration: including beefed-up border security, tough work-place enforcement, and a path to legal status for immigrants who pay fines and back taxes, pass background checks, learn English, and go to the back of the line for green cards.

This is far more constructive than the president’s unilateral move to grant instant rewards to those who came here illegally and had babies in America.… Continue Reading

How to Rebuke a President

Three branches

Written by Jay Cost

For responding to a president who defies his constitutional limits, Congress is said to possess four powers: to impeach, to defund, to investigate, and to withhold confirmation of nominees.

But there is a fifth recourse, which the new Republican Congress might consider in view of President Obama’s executive amnesty for illegal immigrants: the power to censure. In fact, censure could work in tandem with Congress’s other powers, helping the legislature make the moral case for responding to the president’s lawlessness.

Presidential censure is a rare occurrence. Most notably, in 1834, the Whig-controlled Senate censured President Andrew Jackson, a Democrat, for moving federal deposits from the Second Bank of the United States to local banks, derisively called his “pets” because most were operated by loyal Democrats.

Jackson’s legal justification was dubious at best.… Continue Reading

Alinsky Does Amnesty


The only limit on the president’s power that he recognizes is political expediency.

Written by Andrew C. McCarthy

President Obama is an Alinskyite.​

That assertion is not an epithet — well, not primarily. True, I would not describe someone I admired as an “Alinskyite.” Saul Alinsky was a loathsome figure — a radical statist who whose toxic brew of thoroughgoing deceit and brass-knuckles extortion (“direct action”) has become a part of mainstream politics. But in tying the president to the seminal community organizer whose theories and tactics so influenced him, my purpose is more to decode than to insult him.

Of course, calling Obama an “Alinskyite” draws cataracts of condemnation from the Democrat-media complex — for the same reason that Muslim Brotherhood shrieks of “Islamophobe!” inevitably follow any reasoned, scripturally based discussion of Islamic supremacism.… Continue Reading

Obama’s ‘America’

american flag and liberty statue declaration

What the president means when he says America is an idea, not a bloodline

Written by Ira Straus

President Obama told us this week that we must legalize millions of illegal aliens because America is “a creed, an idea” — and is not what he calls “a bloodline.” The latter is an ugly term, hinting at Nazi-style racism, but what it caricatures is a more accurate view: that America is a concrete country with a concrete citizenry that has concrete habits, institutions, and mutual relations and obligations.

Obama buttressed his view by pulling out the line that America is “a nation of immigrants,” with only the “idea” to hold itself together and make that nation “America.” In reality, America was founded by a migration, not an immigration — one that took place within what is now a different concrete society: England.… Continue Reading

Rauner Will Not Cure Springfield Dysfunction


Written by Russ Stewart

The outcome of Illinois’ gubernatorial race proves anew that any mother’s son can grow up to be governor, provided that he can self-fund $28 million and raise another $60 million.

Republican Bruce Rauner‘s win also reaffirms another pearl of wisdom: Bad always gets worse. If Illinoisans thought that state government was incompetent and leadership was dysfunctional under the Quinn-Madigan-Cullerton Democratic regime, they ain’t seen nothing yet.

The 2018 campaign for governor started on Nov. 5. Attorney General Lisa Madigan is the presumptive Democratic nominee, and House Speaker Mike Madigan (D-Chicago) and Senate President John Cullerton (D-Chicago) will do everything possible to sabotage, stain and sully the new governor.

They want Rauner to fail so Lisa Madigan can win. They want to compel Rauner to break his promises of fiscal restraint and make him collude with the Democrats to raise the state income yet again.… Continue Reading

Rauner Adviser Glenn Poshard’s Pension Bonanza


Written by John Biver

Glenn Poshard’s pension is high — and he’s not alone. Here’s an excerpt from an article in the Chicago Sun-Times by Chuck Neubauer, Patrick Rehkamp and Sandy Bergo of the Better Government Association:

One of the big problems Gov.-elect Bruce Rauner will face is what to do about the state’s public pension crisis.

He doesn’t need to go any farther than a member of his own transition team, Glenn Poshard, to get a close-up look at some of the factors fueling the crisis.

Poshard, 69, gets one of the biggest pensions of any former Illinois elected official — over $200,000 a year. That’s more than the $177,412 salary paid to Gov. Pat Quinn.

If he lives to 80, Poshard’s retirement benefits will have ballooned to an estimated $280,000 a year.“I can tell you, I worked hard my whole life,” said the downstate Democrat, who started out as a public school teacher, held elected office as a state senator and congressman and was a top administrator at Southern Illinois University.

Continue Reading

Stupid Myths about Turnout, Demographics and GOP Victory


Written by Michael Medved

You’ve heard the nonsense: Republicans swept the nation because turnout in the midterm elections was shamefully low, with people of color staying home and allowing a surge of old, angry white males to dominate the contests in state after state.

This narrative may make Democrats feel better about the outcome but it bears no connection whatever to facts readily available through exit polls and Election Day tallies.

First, and most obviously, the overall voter turnout wasn’t that bad. The best available figures suggest that 36.6% of eligible voters bothered to cast their ballots, which is only very slightly less than the 37.1% that turned out in 2006, the last time the Democrats swept a midterm election, winning 23 House seats, 6 Senate seats, and 6 governorships. The difference in participation rate – half of one percent – can’t possibly explain the difference in outcome.… Continue Reading

Obama, the Role of Race, and GOP Victory


535075288 (1)

Written by Michael Medved

To many liberals, it seems obvious that Barack Obama’s problems and setbacks– including the resounding Republican victory on November 4th – stem in no small part from racist reaction to his status as the first non-white president in American history. The facts, however, suggest that racial factors contributed far more to Obama’s successes than they did to his failures.

Exit polling reveals the true nature of his decisive triumphs in 2012 and 2008, and the Democrats’ wretched failure in 2014. And the evidence indicates that there’s no basis at all for the smug assumption that once the Dems crawl out from under the burden of a massively unpopular president that they’ll automatically return to their winning ways. Though his critics may find it difficult to accept, the pattern of recent Democratic wins and losses indicates that Obama’s name on the ballot helped Democrats  rather than hindering them.… Continue Reading

Far-Left Media Looking for a Clinton Challenger


Written by Don Irvine

There may be many in the mainstream media who are looking forward to a presidential run by Hillary Clinton, but the far-left media, which has never been crazy about Hillary, is actively seeking someone else to become the Democratic Party standard bearer in 2016, according to Politico’s Maggie Haberman and Hadas Gold.

The anti-Clinton drumbeat from the left includes, a relatively new website aimed at progressive millennials, and left-wing magazines In These Times and The Nation.

For the anti-Clinton activists, names being tossed about include former Virginia Senator Jim Webb, Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley, Socialist Vermont U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders and their top choice, Massachusetts U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who is the darling of the far left.

O’Malley has been testing the presidential waters with visits to Iowa and New Hampshire, while Warren ruled out a run last December, but may reconsider after the Democratic wipeout in the midterms.… Continue Reading

Data on Illinois 2014 Midterm Election

While conventional wisdom argues that the Durbin/Oberweis contest was a cakewalk and the Quinn/Rauner race was a squeaker, James Newman of Northern Illinois University says, in fact, it is just the opposite.

Using an analytic tool called Rank-Mobility Index (RMI), Newman concludes that while Quinn had won only four counties in 2010, his vote margins were slim and he was carried to victory on the strength of the overwhelming margin in the perennial Democratic stronghold of Cook County. In 2014, within hours of poll closings, it was clear that this was not to be Quinn’s night – he had lost the downstate Democratic counties of St. Clair & Jackson, and his margin in Cook County was going to fall well short of his 2010 margin, and would not be nearly enough to eke out a victory for him this year.… Continue Reading

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