Laws Control Everything in Life?


Written by Michael Medved

A teenaged YouTube star asked the president a question that stumped him.

“I never really followed politics that much” said Bethany Mota. “Why should the younger generation be interested in politics, and why should it matter to them?”

After brief stammers and stalls, Obama offered this: “The reason we even have colleges is that at some point there were politicians who said, ‘y’know what? We should start colleges.’” Never mind that it was religious leaders who started the most prestigious colleges in America—Yale, Harvard and Princeton—not politicians. The president then offered an even more alarming sentiment: “And so there’s no decision in our lives, basically, that isn’t touched in some way by the laws that we have.”

No decision … really? Every moment regulated by government?… Continue Reading

Defending and Promoting the Party Platform

Party-Platforms-2012Written by John Biver

What does it mean for the Republican Party to be a “big tent” party? For conservatives, that means men and women of all races and backgrounds should populate the party. The days of the wealthy-chubby-white guy party should be over.

Others are confused about the purpose for having a political party. They think that it’s a social club organized to help ambitious people reach their goal of holding public office. These confused people want to ignore policy. They use the phrase “big tent” to mean that it doesn’t matter what you believe — you, too, can be a Republican. You like big government? Join us. Can’t get enough of those government employee unions? C’mon in. Abortion on demand? We’re glad you’re here. You believe sexual liberty trumps religious liberty?… Continue Reading

Not Doubling Down; A Whole New Deck


Written by Michael Medved

Unfortunately, too many conservatives give the president credit he doesn’t deserve regarding his State of the Union agenda.

U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), U.S. House leaders Steve Scalise (R-LA) and Jeb Hensarling (R-TX), have all suggested that Barack Obama has “doubled down” on his agenda. The blackjack definition for “doubling down” is to “hold your existing cards while doubling your existing bet with only one more card.”

But in his State of the Union, Obama requested virtually all new cards, raising issues he and his party never mentioned in the recent campaign:

  • A tax hike of $320 billion?
  • A big new entitlement of free community college for those with C averages?

These are brand new initiatives, not part of the debate in 2014. Even his much-discussed executive amnesty for immigrants remained under wraps until after voting, so Americans in key Senatorial races couldn’t express disapproval.… Continue Reading

Obama’s “Free Stuff Army”


Written by Robert Knight

America’s Founding Fathers apparently underestimated the power of promising something for nothing – which has become politicians’ mantra.

Fresh from offering “free” health care, “free” phones and “free” food to the masses, Barack Obama has upped the bribery to “free” community college tuition and “free” child care. It’s not that the Clintons oppose any of these; they just need to affect moderation in case Hillary runs for president and has to knock back boilermakers again with the good old boys in Pennsylvania taverns.

Since someone has to pay for these expensive, new entitlements to the Free Stuff Army, Mr. Obama has proposed yet another “tax the rich” scheme that, if enacted (which is unlikely) would eventually plunder working-class families. To liberals, that’s what tax “reform” is all about.… Continue Reading

They Are NOT Liberals


Written by James Lewis

Today’s self-proclaimed “liberals” would have no truck with the real John F. Kennedy, or LBJ, or Harry S. Truman, or Daniel Patrick Moynihan, or other patriotic liberals. If the phrase “patriotic liberal” has an odd clang today, you know exactly what I mean.

Barack Obama, for whatever talents he may possess, is not an American patriot. Try saying “The patriotic Obamas” and then try not to cringe. JFK was an unblushing patriot, Truman was, and in his grotesque way, so was LBJ. They were Cold War liberals, who defined their political position by kicking out the  totalitarian Left (Stalin Branch) from the Democratic Party, after the Soviets stole the atom bomb, took over half of Europe, and generally acted like ravening monsters in a cage.… Continue Reading

The Republican Party’s Chicken and the Egg Problem

2010-7-14 - Chicken or the Egg

Written by John Biver

An old saying in politics is that nothing moves unless it’s pushed. Among other things, big government must be downsized, and that alone is going to require new leadership and a sizable force of committed volunteers to win public support so it can get accomplished.

What comes first, new leadership or a sizable force of committed volunteers? For the record, I believe God created the chicken first, not the egg. First, we need leaders — yes, even at the local level.

If you’re wondering why more good people aren’t stepping up to run for office as Republicans you need not investigate any further. The reason is that talented individuals typically won’t join a dysfunctional organization. That won’t change without better leadership.

So where will that leadership come from?… Continue Reading


AdoptionContinue Reading

Republicans are our own Worst Enemy


Written by Sally Zelikovsky

Instead of being applauded for recognizing that words matter, Mitt Romney is being lambasted by Republicans who just don’t get it.

Speaking to a full house of RNC members in San Diego, Romney committed the conservative crime of using the language of the left to appeal to potential voters. While emphasizing that conservative principles will be critical in the post-Obama era, Romney articulated three maxim’s that Republicans must communicate to the American people: “[T]o make the world safer… and provide opportunity for all Americans regardless of the neighborhood they live in” and the apparently gag-inducing, oxygen-sucking notion that “We have to lift people out of poverty.”

Can anyone deny that those are indeed goals of our party? The dispute we have with the left is how we get there.… Continue Reading

Why Everyone Should Be Terrified By The GOP’s Abortion Bill Debacle


This level of incompetence and cowardice should alarm us all.

Written by Mollie Hemingway

January 22, 2015 marked the 42nd anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court legalizing abortion on demand throughout pregnancy. The pro-life movement commemorates this day with marches, worship services and lobbying for bills to protect unborn children. Pro-lifers were promised by the Republican leaders they just helped elect and re-elect that the U.S. House of Representatives would pass a bill on Thursday, banning most abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy, a point after which infants can feel pain and survive if born prematurely.

The legislation has been passed by the U.S. House in the previous Congress and is extremely popular in national polling. “One of the clearest messages from Gallup trends,” the polling firm reported, “is that Americans oppose late-term abortion.” A Washington Post/ABC survey showed that 64 percent of Americans favor limiting abortion at 20 weeks of pregnancy or earlier.… Continue Reading

Early Presidential Prospects


Written by Thomas Sowell

The more optimistic among us may hope that the Republicans will nominate somebody who stands for something, rather than the bland leading the bland — the kind of candidates the Republican establishment seems to prefer, even if the voters don’t.

With 2015 just getting under way, the buzz of political activity makes it seem almost as if we are already in the midst of the 2016 presidential campaign.

Among the Democrats, Hillary Clinton is honing her message to appeal to the mindset of the left wing of her party, whose support she will need in her second attempt to get the nomination as the Democrats’ presidential candidate in 2016.

The left wing’s true believers would of course prefer U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren, who gives them the dogmas of the left pure and straight, uncontaminated by reality.… Continue Reading

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